3 Ways Boudoir Helps You Love Yourself

Boudoir photography sessions are mostly known for producing beautiful, sexy images of women. While this is true, boudoir is so much more than just pictures of women in lingerie. In fact, some women don’t even wear lingerie for their boudoir session. Boudoir should be a life-changing experience. It is a chance to truly fall in love with yourself and appreciate your body for all that it is. You don’t need to wait until you achieve the “perfect body” or when you lose weight or clear up your skin. Boudoir is for every woman, regardless of how their body looks. Here are 3 ways boudoir helps you love yourself.

Celebrate Yourself With Boudoir

When was the last time that you took time just for you? As women, we often have a hard time stepping away from all of our responsibilities to take some time for just us. When we do take time for ourselves, we feel guilty. Does that sound familiar? Trust me, I’ve been there. I understand better than anyone.

We need to change that narrative. All women deserve to be celebrated. Women deserve to take time away from their everyday life to focus on themselves once in a while. It should be a norm, not an exception. A boudoir experience can do just that. It gives you an excuse to step away from your daily responsibilities and focus on yourself. Many women choose to get their hair and make up done before their session so that they can feel a little extra pampered during their time at the studio. During your session, it’s all about YOU. You get to be the star of the show. You get to be the center of attention. It might feel uncomfortable at first, especially if you are used to being behind the scenes. However, I promise you will love the celebration of yourself and your body as the day goes on.

Boost Your Confidence & Love Your Body

As a boudoir photographer, I talk to many women who want to invest in themselves and do a boudoir session, but they don’t feel comfortable or confident in their own skin. I understand that feeling. When we surrounded ourselves with mainstream media, it’s easy to feel like we aren’t up to society’s standards when it comes to our appearance. Our thighs are too big, our stomachs aren’t flat, we have acne, and our bodies aren’t toned enough. The list of imperfections goes on forever. These thoughts are all too common, but they don’t have to be the norm.

I know that feeling all too well because I used to feel that way too, until I embraced myself and decided to indulge in my own intimate boudoir session. I decided to stop letting my insecurities get in the way and I started appreciating my body exactly as it is. My job as your boudoir photographer is to do the same for you. I will help you see yourself in a whole new light and appreciate your body for what it looks like right now. As your photographer, I am here to be your cheerleader. I am here to debunk the myths that our society has put into your head. I am here to help you feel empowered and confident in your own skin. 

Create Images To Last A Lifetime

As if celebrating yourself and boosting your confidence wasn’t enough, you will leave your boudoir experience with breathtaking images to last a lifetime. You will be in awe when you see how you look in your pictures. I have so many women say, “is that really me?! I look so good!” You can choose so many different ways to print your images-we have everything from digital images to albums to wall hangings. 

These images serve as a constant reminder that you are a strong, brave, beautiful woman. They will remind you to find small ways to celebrate yourself each day. I can’t think of a better way to remember that your body is perfect the way it is, and you are a badass woman who isn’t afraid to put herself first once in a while.

Book a Boudoir Experience in Detroit, Michigan

You deserve to fall in love with yourself. I want to remind you that are worthy of being happy when you look in the mirror. You should feel confident when you walk into a room. This blog discusses 3 ways boudoir helps you love yourself, but there are so many more. A boudoir experience can help you with all of those things and more. At Katrina Cross Boudoir, it is my honor to be a part of your journey to loving yourself. Click here to start the process of booking your boudoir experience. You will be so glad you finally said yes to putting yourself first.

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