Top 5 Systems for My Photography Business

As a business owner, having strong systems in place is an important part of my job. I prefer to spend my time creating instead of doing back office work, so I have worked hard to find great systems that make my life easier. For this blog, I wanted to take a minute to step away from my normal content and speak directly to my fellow photographers who might be looking for new systems for their business. I have been a photographer for many years, and I can confidently say that these are the top 5 systems for my photography business. They are the best of the best! I will also share my affiliate links to save you money if you want to give them a try.

ShowIt Logo

System 1: ShowIt

I use ShowIt for my website, and I am obsessed. It’s so user friendly from behind the scenes, but it looks like I spent months formatting a beautiful website! ShowIt makes it simple to drag and drop images and text to create the exact look I am going for with no coding involved! ShowIt does not confine me to using templates. It gives me the freedom to make my vision come to life. ShowIt also works with WordPress for the blog portion of my website. I am able to design my blog layouts in ShowIt, and it carries over to WordPress. All I need to do is add my text and some images, and my blog is ready to go. Added bonus: they also have great customer service!

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System 2: Honeybook

Honeybook is my lifeline. Anyone who knows me knows that I am obsessed with Honeybook. If you want a system that allows you to have peace of mind, Honeybook is your CRM.  I use Honeybook for all of my legal things: proposals, contracts, and invoicing. Honeybook also collects my leads, so I am able to contact them for a discovery call. When someone fills out my lead form on my website, I get a notification right on my phone and I am able to reach out to the lead as soon as possible. My fellow photographers know how important that is!

I love that Honeybook lets me handle everything right online, no paper needed. I can schedule custom contracts and invoicing in advance, and I get instant notifications when a client signs their contract or pays their invoice. So, many features and it is simply gorgeous.  Bottom line: if you try one system from this blog, try Honeybook.

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System 3: CloudSpot

CloudSpot is my go-to for galleries. It’s user friendly for both my clients and myself. I can easily add all of the edited pictures from the session and send them over to the client for review. The galleries always look flawless, and my clients are able to view and download their final purchased images with ease. CloudSpot also has a storefront that allows me to sell prints of the gallery images to my clients. My clients can not only order prints and wall arts, but they can even order cards for their special occasions. 

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Floricolor Logo

System 4: Floricolor

After I design an album in Fundy, I go to Floricolor to print it. Floricolor is located in Portugal, and their work is outstanding. The albums are printed flawlessly every single time. All I need to do is upload my design and send it to print. The turnaround time is quick, which is great for my clients who are always dying to see their images come to life. 

System 5: AfterShoot

I know I said this blog was going to cover the top 5 systems for my photography business, but I couldnt leave out AfterShoot.AfterShoot is a company where I upload my images right after a shoot. The automations in the system CULL my images down.  It detects duplicates, blurriness, closed eyes, and it selects the best options to be considered for editing. This has been a huge help in the beginning process of my workflow.  It saves me so much time up front and allows me to spend more time on other aspects of my business.

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Fundy Logo

Bonus System: Fundy

Fundy is my favorite place to design albums. It’s so easy to use! All I need to do is upload the selected images and tell the software how many pages I want in my album, along with how many pictures per page. Then Fundy handles the rest! I am able to rearrange the images as necessary, and it’s so easy for me to meet with a client and show them exactly what they will be getting in their album. Because Fundy is so easy to use, I spend so much less time designing albums and custom wall art collages, and I am able to spend that time and energy in other areas of my business!  Bonus:  Clients can even send me a picture of their wall and I can upload it to show them how the images would look hanging on their walls.  

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There are many different systems that can be used to make a photographer’s life easier, but these are my top 5 systems for my photography business. I encourage you to take a minute to look through the linked websites and see what these systems can offer you. I would be happy to help if you have any questions about any of these systems! Feel free to drop me an email at

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